Centuries ago bombonieres were originally given to celebrate a special occasion such as weddings, baptisms, communions etc. Traditionally these wedding favors were made of gold, silver, crystal or porcelain and would also include five almonds. These five almonds were to symbolize the five prime numbers which cannot be divided and to also represent the permanent union of the bride and groom. The five almonds that accompany the wedding favors would also represent health, wealth, happiness, long life and fertility. Bombonieres were also a way to display the prosperity of the hosting family. Centuries ago the bomboniere tradition was one that only wealthy aristocrats could afford. They would celebrate the special event and at the same time share their acquired wealth in the form of wedding favors with their loved ones. Today in Toronto, Canada and around the world, bombonieres are available for every couple to offer. The budget for these gifts are as individual as the wedding itself. Every couple has their own budget and their wedding favors should be chosen according to priority and how much each couple wishes to allocate toward each guests thank you. The modern couple is now swaying away from the traditional bomboniere and opting for a fresher approach. The bride and groom are selecting gifts that will show their individual personalities. Bombonieres are perfectly chosen to make a statement which will have their guests remember their wedding for many years to come. They want to pick a wedding favor that says "I remember" every time they look at it.

"Dramatic Damask" Espresso Set

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12 Piece Espresso Set

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12pc Espresso Set


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Cheese Dish with Knife

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Couture Line Heart Dish

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Cupid Espresso Set

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Espresso Set for Two

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